Под покровом ночи. Kicky muck

Bertram What a delightful village!

Bertram Eww. Mind your step, Gevin.

Bertram Ah, Gevin! Look at this ruddy-cheeked young country gent!

Boy What’s wrong with your nose?

Bertram What’s your name, young sir?

Boy Little Wacksmith, the Blackswith’s son.

Kicks a mound of muck.

Bertram What is that you are doing?

Boy Playing kicky muck.

Kicks the mound of muck again and again.

Boy Kicky muck. Kicky muck.

Bertram Much fun, is it?

Boy Not really. But sometimes I pretend I’m kicking sausages instead.

Bertram The poor boy needs something else to absorb his mind. There’s not much for a young whippersnapper to play with around here.

Boy kicks the mound of muck again.