Айсберг или человек

Когда рассказывала про «bat», вспомнила ещё одну штуку, о которой узнала из сказки Адама Гидвица про лягушонка, влюбленного в злую принцессу:

You see, when you are very pretty, people tend to remark on your looks. [...] Soon, you come to believe that your prettiness matters, and that you are better because you are pretty, and that all it takes to get through life is a **batting of your eyelashes** and a twisting of your hair around your little finger, and that you can scream and pout and shout and tease because everyone will still like you anyway because you are so unbelievably pretty.

Beware, then, for this is how monsters are made.

And I fear that our poor frog has fallen in love with a pretty little monster.

Когда прекрасная барышня bats her eyelashes, она либо строит глазки кавалеру, либо хлопает глазками, прикидываясь дурочкой. Или не прикидываясь. А если ресницы не накрашены, можно просто bat your eyes.

Joker. You just couldn’t let me go, could you? I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

Batman. You’ll be in a padded cell forever.

Joker. Maybe we can share one.

Joker bats his eyes. Batman blushes.

Франсуа Озон. Снято!