О май гад

А ещё Даль очень не любит рифмовать «God» и заменяет его словами, половину из которых я вижу в первый и последний раз, так что даже запоминать не буду. Ну, разве что одно:

By gollikins, the boy was right!
Now, glistening in the morning light,
The mother actually perceives
A mass of lovely golden leaves!
She yells out loud, ’My sainted souls!
I’ll sell the Mini, buy a Rolls!


’He smelled me out, I swear it, mum!
’He said he smelled an Englishman!’
The mother said, ‘And well he might!
‘I’ve told you every single night
‘To take a bath because you smell,
‘But would you do it? Would you hell!
‘You even make your mother shrink
‘Because of your unholy stink!’

Jack answered, ‘Well, if you’re so clean ‘Why don’t //you// climb the crazy bean.’ The mother cried, ‘**By gad**, I will! ‘There’s life within the old dog still!’


He heard the Giant mutter twice,
By gosh, that tasted very nice.
‘Although (and this in grumpy tones)
‘I wish there weren’t so many bones.’
By Christopher!’ Jack cried ‘By gum!
‘The Giant’s eaten up my mum!
‘He smelled her out! She’s in his belly!
‘I had a hunch that she was smelly.’
Jack stood there gazing longingly
Upon the huge and golden tree.
He murmured softly, ‘Golly-gosh,
‘I guess I’ll have to take a wash [...]

By George, да сколько можно.

Then dad cries, ’Golly-gosh! Gee-whizz!
Oh cripes! How hot this porridge is!

Oh crumbs, горшочек, не вари!