Огонь из преисподней

‘Then I want to stand up,’ the Mayoress continues excitedly, ‘without even excusing myself, right there and then in the middle of whatever is going on!’

She stands up.

‘And then I want to take off my hat and my chain!’

She removes her hat and throws it across the room, then lifts her chain from around her neck and drops it to the floor.

‘Then I want to remove my robe!’

She removes her robe.

‘Then I want to rip open my blouse!’

She rips open her blouse.

‘Then I want to pull down my skirt!’ She pulls down her skirt. ‘Then I want to remove my **unmentionables**!’ She removes her bra and knickers.

‘And then I want to scream at the top of my voice: I will not be contained! I will not be restricted! I refuse to be imprisoned by any role, by any name or by any definition! I am free! I am free! I am free!’

Исподнее, которое нельзя называть. Экспеллиармус!