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The Witches

На жадину не нужен ноc

А ещё там есть штука про нос без носа:

‘Bruno is a mouse,’ my grandmother said, calm as ever.

‘He most certainly is not a mouse!’ shouted Mr Jenkins.

‘Oh yes I am!’ Bruno said, poking his head up out of the handbag.

Mr Jenkins leapt about three feet into the air.

‘Hello, Dad,’ Bruno said. He had a silly sort of mousy grin on his face. [...]

‘By the way,’ my grandmother said, ‘would you like to know who did this to him?’ There was a mischievous little smile on her face and I could see that she was about to get Mr Jenkins into trouble.

‘Who?’ he cried. ‘Who did it?’

‘That woman over there,’ my grandmother said. ‘The small one in a black dress at the head of the long table.’ [...]

‘You mean she did it, that skinny little woman over there!’ shouted Mr Jenkins, pointing at her with a long finger. ‘By gad, I’ll have my lawyers on to her for this! I’ll make her **pay through the nose**!’

‘I wouldn’t do anything rash,’ my grandmother said to him. ‘That woman has magic powers. She might decide to turn you into something even sillier than a mouse. A cockroach perhaps.’

Происхождение у идиомы как раз в духе книжки «The Witches» — говорят, когда викинги завоевали Ирландию, они ввели налог на носы, а кто его не платил — оставался без носа. С тех пор «pay through the nose» значит, что придётся заплатить бешеные деньги, если не хочешь остаться с носом. Или без носа. Only nose knows.

Какое небо голубое

Дочитываю детские книжки Даля и вспомнила ещё одну штуку про лицо без лица:

‘But you told me that witches look like ordinary women, Grandmamma. So how can I spot them?’

‘You must listen to me,’ my grandmother said. ‘You must remember everything I tell you. After that, all you can do is cross your heart and pray to heaven and hope for the best.’ [...]

‘You swear you aren’t pulling my leg?’ I kept saying to her. ‘You swear you aren’t just pretending?’

Или даже так:

‘Stop pulling the Earthworm’s leg,’ the Ladybird said. This sent the Centipede into hysterics.

‘**Pulling his leg**!’ he cried, wriggling with glee and pointing at the Earthworm. ‘Which leg am I pulling? You tell me that!’

Как раз прочитала «Fantastic Mr Fox» и представила, как лиса Алиса водит Буратино за нос, а кот Базилио тащит за ногу.