Я уйду, и ты меня не жди

Решаю тут задачку:

Mr. Despair wants to jump off **Dutch act**, so he came to the top of a building.

Scientific research shows that a person jumped from the top of the roof, when the floor more than 6, will often die in an instant. When the floor is less than or equal to 6, the person will not immediately die, he would scream (without proof).

Input: floor, the height of the building.

Output: the voice of despair, when jumping Dutch act.

Example: suicide(2) should return “Aa~ Pa! Aa!”.

It means:

Mr. Despair jumped from the 2 floor, the voice is “Aa~”.
He fell on the ground, the voice is “Pa!”.
He did not die immediately, and the final voice was “Aa!”.

Так вот зачем нужна Dutch courage. Похоже, после пары кровавых войн англичане до сих пор думают, что все голландцы — алкоголики и самоубийцы.