Кто ограбил кролика Роджера

И тут в банк приехал инспектор:

Randal. Hey, you work here?

Sam. I operate in this area. Sam Monaghan.

They shake hands.

Randal. Pleased to meet ya, Monaghan. I’m lookin’ for Freeboys.

Sam. Well there’s three boys right there.

He gestures over to Roger and the two Clerks by the security desk. [...]

Randal. No, I don’t mean three boys. I mean Freeboys! Look, I got his full name here somewhere. Here! Robin!

Sam. I wasn’t I promise!

Randal. No, no! Robin Freeboys!

Sam. I’m not robbin’ three boys!

Randal. I know you’re not Robin Freeboys. You’re Sam Monaghan. I’m just tellin ya, I wanna see someone: Robin Freeboys.

Sam. Whatever you say, mister.

He runs over to them.

Hey give me all your money!

Randal. What the hell are you doing?

Sam. You said you wanted to see someone robbin’ three boys. [...]

Randal. No! I’m asking you: The guy on the right. Is he Robin Freeboys?

Sam. No, he’s just standing there.

Randal. No, I mean is his name Robin Freeboys?

Sam. Oh I see what you mean! No that’s his nephew Roger.

Randal. **Roger** Freeboys? Sam. Shouldn’t I take them out for dinner first?

P.S. From c. 1650 to c. 1870, Roger was slang for the word “penis”, possibly due to the origin of the name involving fame with a spear. Subsequently, “to roger” became a slang verb form meaning “to have sex with”, “to penetrate”.

Roger that уже никогда не будет прежним.